Turning my hobby into a career with Skryv - Skryv

Turning my hobby into a career with Skryv

By Thomas De Keyser - Functional Analyst - about 5 years ago

Turning my hobby into a career with Skryv

It was clear to me that my future would revolve around computers and IT. I have always been triggered by the complex digital world. When I stumbled upon Skryv, I was very happy to be able to turn one of my hobbies into my career!

Becoming a functional analyst: how?

During the last months before my graduation, the big question popped up: ‘What is next?’ I studied Business Engineering, which meant I could literally end up anywhere. So the self-analysis began. I knew I was an analytical person, but what am I intrinsically good at? What do I love?

Planet Talent, an IT recruitment company, connected and matched me with Skryv. That same week I had my first introduction of Skryv through an enjoyable Skype call with Toon and Maarten. I had a good feeling about the conversation, but being a rookie in applying for jobs, I could only hope and try to trust this “good feeling”. Not long after, I found myself in the city centre of Brussels, ready to meet the team behind Skryv.

“And soon, I was one of them: a Skryver”

I started working at Skryv on Monday at the beginning of July, even though I was not even officially graduated. I got my degree the same week on Friday – yay!

Let’s Skryv

Within Skryv, I entered an environment where I have all the opportunities to grow and develop in the direction that I want, but knowing how to deal with responsibility is key. On the first day, Maarten showed me all the elements I would dive into creating process flows, configuring business rules and designing forms for the users to fill out. After a couple of days of discovering Skryv together with Maarten, I was ready to start experiencing the real deal. From then on, I have been able to fill my weeks with a variety of tasks. From meeting clients, to organising workshops, coming together with the team, or working at home.

“After a couple of days of discovering Skryv together with Maarten, I was ready to start experiencing the real deal.”

I love the wide variety of tasks I have, no two days are the same. It is incredibly fulfilling when I have the freedom to plan my own agenda and choose what I want to do, thanks to the great communication between the team members. As a functional analyst, it is important to be flexible and learn quickly. Connecting with the customers is essential. Therefore it is also my job to translate the customers’ needs into digital language for my own colleagues, a thing I wasn’t good at before Skryv, but look at me now!

Future is calling

If we keep on developing what we do, we will grow at an even faster rate than we are today. We strive for strong communication, an open culture, and tailor-made products to ensure our clients’ needs are fulfilled. Do you want to know what the best part is? We all grow together, with lots of opportunities for everyone in the team!

Want to become a Skryver?

At Skryv there is always room for extra talent. Apply for a specific job or just drop us a note. We hope to see you soon.

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