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How Urban Brussels built a working ePortal in 3 days

Urban Brussels

How Urban Brussels built a working ePortal in 3 days

Urban Brussels

Skryv helped us to define and model our workflow. The initial objectives were reached: onboard business employees on this co-creation journey, test a low-dev platform with a real (high level) case and obtain a better understanding of the next project steps.

Project manager

The challenge

Urban Brussels is facing an important digitalisation track. The objectives are clear: make it possible and easy for citizens, companies and other administrations to digitally request a service, decrease lead times and move towards a paperless administration. Clear objectives indeed, but how and where do you get started?

Together, we organised a Think&Try series of workshops to give an answer to those questions. We brainstormed on the future solution and set up a demo application in 3-4 days. It helped the business to understand the IT potential and IT to get an idea of the achievability, cost and impact on the organisation.

The approach

We built the Think&Try around two interactive workshops and multiple information sessions with Urban experts. During this co-creation track, we focused on digitising the request process of “le permis d’urbanisme”.

During the first workshop, we listed the problems and objectives of each user. We introduced the concept of a persona, a fictive profile that embodies the target audience. This urged the participants to think and act user-centred.

The second workshop was all about the TO-BE situation: what should the ideal solution look like? We used roleplay and inspiration cards to extract and trigger ideas.

With all the input we gathered, we made a first (minimal) version of the ePortal on our low-dev platform. Via the demo environment, users could already login, complete the simplified and smart form, submit their request, receive a delivery notification, …


  • By downsizing the scope and focusing on a minimum viable product, Urban Brussels got a result in 3-4 days. They could immediately spot the potential and the pitfalls of the project and adjust where needed.
  • The employees were actively involved during the workshops and could already start validating the ideas. This helped to visualise the end outcome and is a great driver for change.
  • The IT managers got a clear view of what needs to be done, how long it would take and at what budget range.

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