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Wonen-Vlaanderen reduced its processing time


Wonen-Vlaanderen reduced its processing time


Skryv's platform and expertise help us to digitise and automate the treatment process of the renovation premium. This leads to more efficient and faster case management, which can now be done while working from home as well.

Head of Department for Financial Assistance

Wonen-Vlaanderen helps to make sustainable and affordable housing available for everyone in Flanders. They provide different support measures, such as the “renovation premium” to support the renovation of houses that are at least 30 years old, or the “adaptation premium” to support the modification of houses to the needs of the elderly.

Challenge and objectives

Wonen-Vlaanderen struggled with a backlog of cases, due to a long processing time of premium requests. It took up to a year for the citizen to receive a (final) decision. They worked based on a paper dossier and used an application to store the (meta)data of each dossier. The work pressure for the case managers was high.

They decided to simplify and digitise the administrative process of the renovation premium, with the following objectives:

  • Substantially reduce the processing time;
  • Move towards a paperless work environment;
  • Have a software system that is easily adaptable to organisational reforms and legislative changes.

A digital back office to save time

Wonen-Vlaanderen selected a scanning solution to digitise its paper dossiers and selected the Skryv platform for process automation and case management.

The process automation of multiple objective checks and calculations allowed to drastically reduce the dossier processing time. The system automatically gathers info from different authentic sources and checks specific conditions such as the level of income, the age of the house, the type of house, etc. Thanks to this automation, it is now known within seconds whether a requester qualifies for the premium.

By digitising the remaining administrative workflow on the Skryv platform using the case management, the case manager’s work is simplified. When a case manager starts a task, the system offers the exact info and documents needed to complete it. The automated task assignment ensures the work is distributed and that the case managers focus on the most important tasks. Dossiers can easily be retrieved with the search function. The dossier overview gives the case manager all key information about the dossier at a glance and makes all dossier information easily available.

Finally, it was important for Wonen-Vlaanderen to have an adjustable system that can adapt quickly to changing regulation. For example, an updated premium type was added and activated on the platform within one month of publication of the new regulation.


By introducing a fully digital way of working, together with the necessary simplification measures, Wonen-Vlaanderen reached its goals:

  • They noted a substantial decrease in the processing time, allowing to eliminate the case backlog that had been increasing in the previous years;
  • The fully digital workflow allows for case management from home, supporting the teleworking available at the Flemish government;
  • Wonen-Vlaanderen increased its flexibility. When legislation around the renovation premium changes they can easily adjust to the new situation, as was demonstrated with the swift upgrade to the new version of the renovation premium;
  • They have a strong basis to build on. Other types of premiums, new integrations to authentic sources and reporting tools can easily be added.

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