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Case management

Right info, right time, right place

Everything you need to digitally process your dossiers from submission to payment. It’s adaptable, low-code and integrated with your services.

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Low-code case management

Configuration-based set up and maintenance to save costs and improve business - IT alignment. Complemented with customisation to come to the best solution.

Skryv Studio for Workflow & Information Modelling

Standards based rules and processes (BPMN, CMMN and DMN)

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Smart workflow management

The low-code approach puts users in control. Add intelligence, introduce templates and let the processes work for you. Laying the foundation for a qualitative workflow.

Multiple task types

Information & template

Set timings, define escalation and delegation rules, etc.

Proactive communication

Workflow evolutions

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Collaboration & team management

Control and divide the amount of work and ease the collaboration with externals. (Automatically) assign tasks, define responsibilities and visibility according to the user's role. Check the version history to know who did what and when.

Overview & reporting

A central overview of all the dossiers and to do's that varies according to one's responsibilities. Use the search and filter function to quickly find info and dossiers.


Maximally reuse data and avoid copy-paste and mistakes. We integrate with your organisation's log-in, authentic sources, databases, look & feel and other tools.

Want to tackle your backlog of dossiers?

We know how

Our Modules

Select and combine our modules for the needs of your digital government service

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Front-office software to help you digitise your services, improve the quality of requests and inform the client.

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Case management

Case management software to help you focus on the real deal, decrease the processing time and get insight into dossiers.

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Process automation

Automation software to help you automate repetitive tasks, make decisions and increase productivity.

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Connector software to help you reuse information, improve collaboration with others and to avoid copy-paste.

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