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Smart forms, happy citizens

Your DIY toolkit to digitise your services and create the best online experience for citizens. It is easy to set up and adjustable at any time.

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Low-code DIY platform

Create and edit forms without having to rely on a developer. Fast to set up, maintain and in a language that both business and IT understand.

DIY with Skryv Studio for forms

Standards based: BPMN, CMMN and DMN

Easy publication of new versions

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Smart citizen forms

Minimize the effort for the citizen and avoid mistakes by using smart form techniques. Requesting a service will become a walk in the park.

Pre-filled fields (authentic sources) and easy to use

Real-time validation

Only once


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Proactive communication

Actively inform the citizen on changes or questions about his dossier. Send notifications via different channels (email, eBox, MijnBurgerprofiel, etc). It helps you to decrease the number of worried phone calls by citizens and increase transparency.

Back-office integration

Ease the evaluation of the dossiers and integrate with your back-office system by using API, webhooks or file-export.


Keep the citizen well-informed and increase transparancy. Every client has an overview of the status of his dossier(s) and their history.

Fancy smart and easy-to-use online services?

We know how

Our Modules

Select and combine our modules for the needs of your digital government service

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Front-office software to help you digitise your services, improve the quality of requests and inform the client.

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Case management

Case management software to help you focus on the real deal, decrease the processing time and get insight into dossiers.

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Process automation

Automation software to help you automate repetitive tasks, make decisions and increase productivity.

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Connector software to help you reuse information, improve collaboration with others and to avoid copy-paste.

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