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Our Modules

Select and combine our modules for the needs of your digital government service

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Front-office software to help you digitise your services, improve the quality of requests and inform the client.

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Case management

Case management software to help you focus on the real deal, decrease the processing time and get insight into dossiers.

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Process automation

Automation software to help you automate repetitive tasks, make decisions and increase productivity.

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Connector software to help you reuse information, improve collaboration with others and to avoid copy-paste.

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Skryv always shows integrity in what they do. They sincerely search for the optimal solution with the best possible result for all parties involved. Skryv is very competent with a lot of expertise in this area

Product owner Automatisch Advies - Informatie Vlaanderen


Skryv's expertise and tools help us to simplify and automate the intake process. This leads to more transparency and reduces the working time for us and our customers.

Account manager - Vlaams Instituut voor Archivering

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