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4 (+1) reasons to become a Skryver

By Toon Timbermont - Co-founder - over 5 years ago

4 (+1) reasons to become a Skryver

In 2014, we started with 3 and we are now with a team of 10. As our business grows (somewhere around 40% in 2018), we are constantly looking to add great people to the team.

The team is the place where all the magic happens and knowledge grows. So we ask a lot of questions within the team. Like “why do we work for Skryv?”. We found 4 common themes (and a bonus one).

Hopes this helps YOU to consider becoming a Skryver!

(1) We want to Shape a Growing Company

Skryv is a growing company in which each of the Skryvers has a big impact. This is true for what we do (How can we best serve our clients? What is the best next feature for our platform?), how we work (Which tooling? Which technology?) and who does what (Which roles?)

Any team member has a big impact on the company. No matter the role one takes, one receives ownership of a part of the organisation, and the possibility to shape and co-create the future evolution of Skryv. In other words, there is plenty of room for entrepreneurial mindsets.

(2) We want to Shape Our Work

We go for self-organisation. None of the roles is set in stone and all are open for improvement. So we all have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to optimise the way we do our work and take up (new) roles.

The key is that we – as a team – deliver results. We pay a lot of attention to work-life balance, but sometimes we go the extra mile to get things done!

In summary: we’re self-starters with great freedom… (You all know the spiderman quote, right?)

(3) We want to Learn & Grow

The more we know and the more we are able to do, the better we will be at having a positive impact, getting to self-organising, …

So we created an environment of active coaching and constant learning. This happens on the job through discussions with colleagues, peer reviews, … But more formal trainings, conferences, books, … are also on the learning agenda.

So as a new joiner, you will find yourself surrounded with smart people and receive a lot of input & feedback. Indeed, we want you to become good at your job and this goes much faster if you are well coached!

(4) We Seek and Live Respect

Finally, we believe that the only way to treat people is with respect. So we listen to understand and take the time to explain our point of view and come to the best solution. We pay a lot of attention to respectful communication, constructive handling of differences in opinion and providing actionable feedback

This also means that all Skryvers get insight in how Skryv is doing as a company (e.g. through quarterly updates on the business metrics). As such, you get the transparency you need to know how your (future) company is doing.

… and of course we have fun :) No need to be serious all the time! Every 2nd Thursday of the month, we go for a drink, play games and have a relaxed portion of fun: our Thirsty Thursday!

Want to become a Skryver?

At Skryv there is always room for extra talent. Apply for a specific job or just drop us a note. We hope to see you soon.

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